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Precision Payroll of America, LLC
October 15, 2014
PPA Press
by Precision Payroll of America, LLC

And no, we don't mean Christmas. When it comes to payroll processing, the end of the calendar year is an important time. Please note that we are not sending out year-end packets this year; instead, we invite you to visit our website for a comprehensive year-end guide that provides step-by-step instructions.

To get you started, here are the first three (3) items to get in order:

Verifying W-2 information
Verify W-2 information for all of your employees by December 12.

Internet clients may follow the steps noted on the website; you may make your own updates online before the final payroll of 2014.

Non-Internet clients are asked to contact their payroll specialist for a verification report.

Year-end adjustments
Provide us with any year-end adjustments required for each of your employees--including fringe benefits, manual checks, voids, 3rd party sick payments and bonus distributions.

Internet clients: send this information to

Non-internet clients: Fax any changes to (630) 887-0735, or email your payroll specialist.

Unemployment rates
Watch the mail for your 2015 state unemployment rate and your state deposit frequency notices to arrive over the next two months. When you receive them, fax them to our Tax Department at (800) 878-5648 so we can ensure the accuracy of your tax liability calculation and timely deposits of the associated taxes.

Tired of distributing and mailing checks? Interested in going paperless?

We have just the solution for you: E-Stubs. This system emails check stubs to your employees, with a secure link for the employee to download their check stub, as well as access their check history.

This product is hassle-free for the employer: the employee self-manages their login and password, and can also access their W-2s at the year's end. It is also simple to set up. Contact Gary Young by December 15 if you would like your employees to be able to access their W-2s for 2014 through this system.

For more information, or to activate this service, contact Gary Young.