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Precision Payroll of America, LLC
April 9, 2014
PPA Press
by Precision Payroll of America, LLC

Tax Reminders:

Following are some tax-related notes which you might find useful:

W4 changes: Now is a good time for employees to review their W4s to change their exemptions or filing status for the 2014 tax year.

Tax notices: If you receive a tax notice from one of the agencies, please forward it to our tax department as soon as possible, via our dedicated fax line: 800-878-5648.

First quarter returns: We will be preparing and filing the first quarter returns for 2014, and you will receive copies of those returns by the end of April. Please review them, especially the reconciliation recap that shows the breakdown of all the taxes and if we will need to collect or refund money. The money that we may have to collect or refund will hit the bank on May 9, 2014.

Note that we offer quarterly reports electronically, on Sharefile. If you prefer to switch from paper to electronic reports, please contact the tax department:
Peggy (,
Courtney ( or,
Donna (

Time and Attendance Solutions: Going Mobile
While the traditional employee log-in system requires scanning ID cards at computerPrevent Buddy Punching terminals, we now offer a web-based solution that can provide an inexpensive biometric product that verifies log-in of your employee by taking their picture.
EasyChoice Mobile is our web-based, mobile application that we offer for time and attendance. With this software, you can use a tablet for employees to log in and out instead of using a traditional terminal. The tablet’s camera capabilities allow you to capture a photo of the individual to provide visual proof of who is logging in—a very inexpensive bio-metric solution that ensures people aren’t punching in for others Learn more




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