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June 18, 2014
PPA Press
by Precision Payroll of America, LLC

FAQs: Your Payroll Questions Answered

Q:  Why should I pay my hourly employees on a bi-weekly basis and not on a semi-monthly basis?
  As a general rule, semi-monthly pay frequency (e.g., the 1st and 15th of each month) may work well for all exempt, salaried staff; however, bi-weekly pay frequency (e.g., every other Friday) for hourly employees is consistent and less confusing, mostly because overtime must be calculated each week (not pay period). A semi-monthly payroll crosses weeks and makes calculating overtime daunting. Pay laws vary per state. Contact Leslie Day, PPA Director of HR Consulting, at for additional information.

Q:  How long do I have to issue an employee their final check?
A:  Final pay laws vary by state, but in general, the employee should receive their check the day of termination, but no later than the next regularly scheduled payday.

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Success Story: PPA Saves Client Thousands

With every IDES notice received, the business owner’s frustration compounded – over $30,000 was owed! The business had made every effort to resolve the issue on its own with the IDES, but ended up in collections with multiple protests denied…until PPA got involved.
PPA Client Services Director, Gary Young, learned of the business owner’s predicament from the client’s new workers compensation provider. PPA Payroll Tax Supervisor, Peggy Green, immediately stepped in to help the client as she routinely deals with the IDES and knew who to call.

“I explained to her that our client filed these in error,” Peggy says. “Within one week, she had completely resolved the issue. Within 3-4 days, our client received notice that they did not have to pay the $31,000, and in fact, had a credit balance of $1,400.”

“This is the high level of expertise and service that we always strive to provide,” says Paul Sivak, PPA Executive Vice President. “We feel a sense of responsibility to our clients, and strive to resolve problems for them—regardless of the problem’s origin.”
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Featured Service: 
Payroll Debit Card

Did you know that you can offer your employees the choice to be paid via a payroll debit card? This is a great option for paying non-banking employees safely, and may be preferred by employees even if they do bank.
Rather than a paper check or direct deposit into their bank account, employees receive a debit card that is loaded with their paycheck each pay period. This provides instant access to funds from ATM’s worldwide and is accepted anywhere MasterCard/Visa is accepted.
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