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Precision Payroll of America, LLC
April 15, 2015
PPA Press
by Precision Payroll of America, LLC

Distribution Dynamos:
The Team Behind Payroll Delivery

Distribution DepartmentWhile Precision Payroll’s payroll specialists are the face of the organization, interacting with customers and meeting their needs, there is a team of employees behind-the-scenes responsible for getting each client’s payroll prepared for delivery. Courtney, Norma, Sharon and Karl comprise Precision Payroll’s Distribution Department.

Every payroll is uniquely packaged based on the client’s request. Once the package is prepared, the team schedules and ensures its delivery, using the client’s preferred delivery method, including FedEx, UPS, local courier, mail and client pick-up. The team prepares about 200 payroll packages daily, which includes stuffing payroll checks, calling a client with the funds required, and sending a special report to the client’s accountant—all by end-of-day at 5 pm.

Shown above: January is especially busy for Precision Payroll’s Distribution Department, as it prepares the deliveries of W-2s by January 31 to all our clients. Our team of four orchestrates the behind-the-scenes work needed to prepare and deliver all our clients' payrolls—about 200 daily.

Securatex Provides Unrivaled Background Services

A pre-employment background check is becoming more and more common practice for employers. Did you know that Precision Payroll offers this service through Securatex, a Chicago-based company specializing in security that we have partnered with for six years?

background checks

While in today’s age of technology there are many online options for background checks, Securatex’s services are both more comprehensive and customized to the employer’s needs. In addition to database searches, Securatex does hand-checks, meaning that their staff hand checks county records for 7-year felony/misdemeanor charges. This is important because if a person has committed a crime, the first place it shows up is at the county level. Later, that data is shared at the state and federal levels, but those databases are not always current.

“In terms of accuracy and timeliness, Securatex’s comprehensive methods cannot be beat,” says Gary Young, Precision Payroll’s Director of Client Services. He adds that the other advantage to this is the personal touch: you’re working with a local firm available to help you interpret the results if you have any questions.

Young says that feedback from PPA clients who have used this service has been overwhelmingly positive. “This is a tried and true service that we offer,” he says. “Our clients are very pleased with how quickly things get turned around, and how comprehensive the reports are.”

The process is both efficient and cost-effective. After registering and paying a nominal set-up fee, you may use the program at any time, and are billed only for services you receive with no minimum usage or time requirement.

To learn more, visit our website or contact Gary Young, 630-242-1522 or