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Precision Payroll of America, LLC
March 8, 2016
PPA Press
by Precision Payroll of America, LLC

New Platform Streamlines Payroll and Integrates HR & Benefits:

Paul SivakQ&A with PAUL SIVAK
Executive Vice President/Principal

Q: Why is Precision transitioning to the new software platform, iSolved?
A: This amazing online solution offers highly efficient payroll processing that integrates human resources, benefits, and time and attendance with the payroll process. It basically allows you to manage all aspects of your workforce with a single login to a single data source. This approach is at the leading edge of a phrase we are hearing more and more: human capital management. The user-friendly interface makes data input simple and reporting capabilities robust.

Q: What if I only need payroll processing, and not the additional HR and benefits capabilities? Can I add the other components later?
A: Not a problem. While the system is comprehensive in its capabilities, we are able to offer our clients as much or as little service as they need for their business. This scalability also means that as a client’s business grows, we can grow with them. 

QiSolved: Tell me more about the HR options.  
A. The HR component offers a way to store and manage employee data, such as performance reviews, compliance reports and onboarding of new employees. While PPA’s existing platform includes a few HR capabilities, iSolved offers much more extensive HR management options, all of which are integrated with the payroll platform. 

Q: What about benefits?
A. We are thrilled to be able to offer our clients a way to manage employee benefits as part of this system. Things like retirement plan services and employment tax credits can now be managed through the same program, and fully integrated with payroll and HR data.

Q. How is the migration to the new system going?
A: A rolling migration is allowing us to smoothly guide each client through the transition, with the appropriate training to go with it -- all at no additional cost to our current client base and with no disruption of services. Having migrated about 25% of clients so far, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback to the new system. 

Q: Does this replace the HR consulting services that Precision offers?
A. Not at all. It actually enhances them. While this new platform integrates the data and processes of human capital management with the payroll system, Precision HR’s Leslie Day and team guide clients through the more complex waters of employment laws, policies, hiring and termination considerations, compliance audits, handbooks, unemployment claims, salary survey data, and more. Our HR HelpDesk stands ready to provide answers to many of these questions as they arise. With all of these components, we can really offer our clients the whole package of HR services.