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Precision Payroll of America, LLC
September 2016
PPA Press
by Precision Payroll of America, LLC

Christina Bearley Named Client Training Manager

Christina BearleyCongratulations to Christina Bearley, who has been promoted to Client Training Manager. A Precision Payroll employee of almost 5 years, Bearley will manage all of the client training, in addition to managing 401K implementation and custom reporting. She will no longer serve as a technical support specialist. 

“We are thrilled to move Christina into this new role, which will maximize the many strengths she brings to clients,” says Tom Sodeika, President and CEO. “We are ready to take her skill set to the next level.”

Bearley has gained accolades for her exemplary work and ability to communicate well with both clients and internal staff, always going above and beyond. She received Precision Payroll’s first Altitude of Attitude award in 2013, created to honor Al Smarha, an employee who passed away, whose positive attitude and customer service was unparalleled. 

“I see time and time again how Christina helps anyone who comes in her path. She not only helps them, but leaves them smiling and feeling better from the interaction,” says Stacey Hietikko, Director of Information Services, who presented the award to Christina. “She inspires me daily to be better, and continually gives me hope and encouragement to know that people are genuinely good at heart.”

Anywhere, Any Time,
on Any Device
Single login provides access
to all functions

iSolved devices

With Precision Payroll’s new platform, iSolved, clients continue to realize the benefits of  “no boundaries” created with this new platform.

A single login allows clients to access payroll, payroll reports and quarterlies. No more ViewChoice or ShareFile needed. Clients around the globe—from Australia, to Ireland and Japan—have been experiencing the real impact of being able to access their data and complete transactions in real-time on any device (Mac, iPad, PC, Tablet, etc.).

Paul Sivak, Precision’s Executive Vice President and Principal, points out that this is especially useful to the small business owner, who might find that the only time they have to run payroll is during non-traditional hours outside the work day. “This system allows the business owner to input data and run checks late at night if they need to; they don’t have to wait on us to process on our end before they proceed,” says Sivak.

This means that a “refresh” is no longer needed to move the process to the next step—a huge benefit. “Before, we had to receive the file and process it, then hand the file back to the client for them to move forward. That is no longer necessary with this new platform,” says Sivak. 

Three more functions clients are finding helpful:
  • Reports can now be saved in an Excel, PDF or CSV format, through the simple use of a drop-down menu.
  • With ESS, an email notification now goes to the employee but is not released until the employee actually receives the check. 
  • Through ESS, employees can change their tax exemption, direct deposit, address, and more, to be approved by the administrator. 
“At the end of the day, it’s all about being more efficient and saving time and money for our clients,” says Tom Sodeika, President and CEO. “The iSolved platform is exceeding the expectations of both us and our clients.”

Minimum Salary Level
What You Need To Know and Do

As we’ve reported in previous issues of this publication, the Department of Labor has finalized its proposed rule to increase the minimum salary requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) for salaried exempt employees. We’ve provided details that explain the rule: click here.

Precision offers many tools and resources to help you transition to this new employment environment. These include an audit of your salaried exempt positions to ensure compliance, a spreadsheet to calculate the change from salaried exempt to non-exempt salaried/hourly with overtime (OT) hours, help desk services, and desktop-based timekeeping and tracking software.

If you have additional questions about the rule and how it applies to your business, please contact Leslie Day, Director of HR Consulting Services, with any questions at 630-785-2205 or