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Precision Payroll of America, LLC
July 2017
PPA Press
by Precision Payroll of America, LLC

Payroll Migration Nearly Complete

Tom SodeikaAs we head into the “dog days” of summer, we are so pleased to report that we have migrated 90% of our clientele to our new platform. Only 250 companies to go!
As with any change, challenges and obstacles do arise. A big thank you to our clients for working with us to make this migration as smooth as possible. We hope that you are already experiencing the many benefits that the new platform has to offer.
While I have publicly declared it for years, I wish to put it on record again: Precision Payroll of America has the BEST CLIENTS in the world!
Thank you for your patience and thank you for your continued business!

~ Tom Sodeika, President and CEO

Tracking Time in iSolved

Precision’s new platform, iSolved, offers a Time and Attendance module that provides another extension of the core payroll database (in addition to the Human Resources and Benefits modules).

“This module is part of the complete suite of components that our iSolved platform offers as a human capital management system,” says Paul Sivak, Executive Vice President and Principal.

As with the other iSolved modules, iSolved | Time is 100% native and connected with the central payroll data source, making managing time and attendance seamless. This eliminates the need for exporting, importing or duplicate data entry. The system can also provide users real-time access to time and attendance data. 

Using an electronic time and attendance system, versus the old-school punch clock, provides managers and business owners with detailed labor data. It allows employers to gather real-time data on who is working, who arrived late, and who is nearing overtime, and can also monitor mobile employees. Managing paid-time-off (PTO) and creating employee schedules are additional features.

“When we sit down with our clients to discuss time and attendance, we start with a blank slate and find out what the client is trying to accomplish,” says Gary Young, Director of Client Services. “Then we can provide a solution that meets their needs.” 

For more information, contact Gary at or 630-242-1522.

iSolved | Time

FAQ’s: iSolved | Time

Q. Are there different layers of administrative/supervisor rights? 
A. Yes. You can choose what an employee, manager, supervisor, and administrator can do. They are all set up as separate roles.

Q. Can an employee adjust their own hours?
If you allow it, yes. You can easily set this up in permissions. 

Q. Can you set it up so that some employees are not allowed to adjust their hours? 
Yes. This is based on a rule, and you can have as many rule sets as you want for different employees.

Q. Can an administrator/supervisor adjust hours for only specific employees without having access to all employees? 
Yes. Users only have access to the employees you allow them to see.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of administrators/supervisors?

Q. Can iSolved | Time be set up with a hard-wired Terminal?
Yes. Employees can log in via PC, smart phone or terminals including biometric options.