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Precision Payroll of America, LLC
October 2018
PPA Press
by Precision Payroll of America, LLC

GEOFENCING: Remote Time-Tracking System Delivers Accuracy & Ease

The Time and Attendance component of our iSolved platform (called iSolved Time), now has the ability for employers to create map boundaries defining work areas—called fences—and get alerts when employees clock in or out within or outside of the designated boundaries. 

To create “fences,” the user sets geographical boundaries (based on latitude/longitude coordinates) defining the work area. The feature then tracks the exact location of the employee working outside the office, and captures the punch-in and -out time locations.

“This feature is yet another new iSolved design that allows employers to remotely handle time-tracking,” says Ted Stepniewski, Director of Client Services. “It is a sophisticated system that ensures an accurate time card for every employee.”

Employers set up a fence boundary and the iSolved|Go mobile app to get started. Punches created through the mobile app will send the smart phone’s geo-location of the punch, allowing employers to determine whether that punch was inside or outside the configured fence boundary. Conditions can also be applied within the program. For ease of web location viewing, iSolved Time utilizes Google Mapping API Services. 

The geo-mapped locations (latitude/longitude) are added to the standard hourly reports. Plus, you will have the strong, yet easy-to-use, iSolved Report Writer to create on-demand custom reports.

For more information, please call Ted Stepniewski, Director of Client Services, at 630-242-1500.


Reboarding is a Breeze with iSolved

Precision Payroll’s software platform, iSolved, has just come out with a new component in its HR Services module: Re-boarding.

WiSolvedhile Onboarding was already part of this module, Reboarding is an enhancement that streamlines the process of rehiring employees—a common occurrence in some types of businesses, especially those with seasonal work who do a fair amount of rehiring for their busy seasons (an example would be places that hire college students back for the summer months).  



ACA Notes

The Affordable Care Act Reporting continues for 2018! Employers with 50 or more full-time employees must participate in this reporting. All employers who self-insure for health care must also report, even with fewer than 50 employees. The deadlines are not expected to be extended this year.
Employers will need to report information to the IRS about the health care coverage offered to their full-time employees using Forms 1094 and 1095. Employers must also distribute copies of the Form 1095 to their full-time employees. This form contains information they may need to report as part of their income tax submission for the 2018 tax year. In order to meet the 2019 reporting deadlines, employers should already be compiling and analyzing data to determine coverage and affordability. 

PPA offers multiple options to assist clients with ACA reporting. To learn more about these options and to sign up for PPA’s ACA reporting services, please contact Tom Sodeika ( or Kiran Waheed ( no later than November 20, 2018. 

ACA Reporting Deadlines

- 1095 Forms Delivered to Employees:
  January 31, 2019
- Paper Filing with IRS: February 28, 2019
- Electronic filing with IRS: April 1, 2019

New Employer Compliance Resource Available

The U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Compliance Initiatives (OCI), has launched two new websites to provide a greater understanding of federal labor laws and regulations. provides employers with easy-to-understand information about their responsibilities under federal laws and regulations, most specifically in the areas of pay, benefits, workplace safety and health.

A similar website,, provides a centralized base of information focused on federal worker protections. This website is intended to be a resource for employees.

In addition to providing greater understanding, the OCI aims to help enforcement agencies more effectively use online resources to deliver information and compliance assistance to workers and employers.  

Employers are encouraged to use these compliance tools to gain a clearer understanding of rights and responsibilities. For more information, please contact Leslie, Director of HR Consulting Services, 630-785-2205,; or Cori Koskela, Human Resources Consultant, 630-812-2392,