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Precision Payroll of America, LLC
March 2018
PPA Press
by Precision Payroll of America, LLC

To Our Clients, Vendors, Partners and Friends

Tom SodeikaHappy 2018!
I trust that you are all settled into the New Year, as are we at Precision Payroll of America. We wanted to take the time to say a big THANK YOU from all of us to you, for your patience, flexibility and graciousness, as we have completed migrating our entire client base to our new platform.

iSolved is incredible in its capabilities and features. Beyond the payroll functions, here are key features now available in the fully integrated, single database platform:
  1. Human Resource Information Services, including employee docs, certification and education tracking, OSHA log, onboarding, performance reviews, and much more.
  2. Benefits Administration: Track all benefits, co-pays, renewals, and ACA, and have electronic enrollment for all benefits.
  3. Time Labor Management: Time & Attendance is inside the platform. A single entry point for new hires and changes eliminates imports and exports, and provides time card views in Employee Self-Service.
The best part of our platform is you implement and pay for only what you need. We do encourage you to check out the additional features, as they are inexpensive, and very helpful in streamlining payroll and HR functionality.

Please contact our sales department for additional information, demos and pricing. Again, thank you all! 

At your service,
Tom Sodeika, President & CEO
Precision Payroll of America

Taxes: What's New in 2018

Recently, the IRS issued updated income-tax withholding tables for 2018 to reflect changes made by the tax reform legislation enacted in December 2017. Precision Payroll’s tax software has been updated with the new rates, which became effective January 22.

The new withholding tables are designed to work with the W-4 forms that employees already have on file to claim withholding allowances, meaning that employees do not have to do anything at this time, says Patty Fritz, Executive Vice President of Operations.

“However, it would be a good time for employees to take a look at their exemptions and filing status, and make any changes on their W-4s for 2018,” she notes. 

The new tables reflect the increase in the standard deduction, repeal of personal exemptions, and changes in tax rates and brackets.

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Annual EEO-1 Deadline Delayed

The submission date for the 2017 EEO-1 (Equal Employment Opportunity) report is March 31, 2018, and we are continuing to use the format from 2016 and earlier. The form was to be expanded considerably for 2017 data, but last fall the expansion was put on hold. 

Employers with 100 employees or more, or those that are government contractors or subcontractors with 50 employees and $50,000 in annual contracts, are required to annually file the EEO-1 report with the Department of Labor (DOL). 

“This will be easy with Precision’s new iSolved human capital management system,” says Leslie Day, Director of HR Consulting Services. "Our new platform allows you to enter data into the system, which can then auto-generate the EEO-1 report.” She notes that all employees must have information on their gender, national origin and job titles entered into the system. After employers tie the job titles to the EEO-1 categories, the report will automatically populate. This can then be uploaded to the EEO-1 government portal.

“Once you have all your employee information in the iSolved system, just maintain it for all new hires and then each annual report is a breeze!” says Day.

For more information and a quote, contact Norma Johnson at 630-242-1502 or

Workplace Harassment Training

What employers need to know

With recent highly publicized sexual harassment allegations and the #MeToo movement, it is important that all employers take steps to prevent all forms of workplace harassment from occurring, and respond appropriately when complaints are made, says Leslie Day, Director of HR Consulting Services.

“Failure to investigate a complaint can have serious legal consequences,” she warns.  “Performing a formal investigation is required to protect the company from a legal claim.” 

Training will help managers and leaders to understand their options following a complaint and reply appropriately. Precision offers several training options, including in-person and webinar training, as well as training resources for clients to handle the training themselves. 

“If you’re ready to schedule your harassment training, or just need some guidance, give us a call,” says Day. “We’re here to help you make sure your workplace is safe and respectful for everyone.”

Leslie Day, Director of HR Consulting Services,, 630-785-2205

Cori Koskela, Human Resources Consultant,, 630-812-2392

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