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Precision Payroll of America, LLC
May 2018
PPA Press
by Precision Payroll of America, LLC

iSolved Time

The iSolved Time system allows flexibility in how you want to track employee time and attendance. Our Time and Attendance module is part of the iSolved HCM (Human Capital Management) platform. This makes managing time and attendance seamless— eliminating the need for exporting, importing or duplicate data entry. The system can also provide users real-time access to time and attendance data. 

iSolved Go time cardi-Solved Time gives you the functions you want and the reliability you need. “You can choose your device, without being stuck to your network hardware. You just need internet access,” says Ted Stepniewski, Director of Client Services. ISolved Time offers a wide variety of time options, such as traditional time clocks, biometrics, desktop check-in, and the GPS Smart Phone app (iSolved Go).

iSolved Go — Smart Phone App
The current update allows the manager/supervisor to view and/or edit certain types of information for the employees assigned to them in the iSolved system. This shows you how to manage your employees from your phone. You can view time-off balances and requests, approve time cards, and monitor GPS employee punches. Scheduling calendars are viewable, so you can see who clocked in, or who punched in late. Employees can view their work schedule. 

iSolved — Scheduler
The Time Scheduler is fully integrated with iSolved Time and Payroll. Multiple shifts and open flexibility are available for your manager to adjust schedules and to update employees’ iSolved Go time schedule. Weekly reporting provides a traditional time schedule for posting on a wall, if you wish.

paperless office

Want to Go Paperless?

Going paperless is not only possible, but it may actually be more efficient. It will eliminate courier or UPS fees (assuming everyone is on direct deposit), and it can save much time and expense if you have employees who work in different locations or different cities across the country. It can also eliminate delivery delays due to inclement weather.   

The heart of the paperless payroll process is doing electronic payroll entry and distribution of pay to your employees without using a paper process. If you add in time and attendance that is fully integrated with your payroll process and put in place a way to distribute pay to your employees electronically—then you are well on your way to becoming paperless.  
To implement electronic distribution of payroll, use direct deposit or a payroll card to put funds into your employees’ wallet. This also eliminates the expense of distributing and mailing their checks or check stubs. You can enhance this process by adding a check view /W-2 portal that allows your employees to access, view or print their own check stubs and W-2’s.Voila! You have streamlined your paperless payroll system. 

(NOTE: We will still mail the W-2’s to you—the client—so that you can distribute the first set of W-2’s to your employees.)

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Payroll Patty says...
Payroll Patty
This column is a new feature that will be in our newsletter periodically to help you with your payroll questions and to give you payroll advice. It is from our own Patty Fritz—who has 34 years in the payroll business and is our Executive Vice President of Operations. We hope that you find these articles informative and insightful. 

Some important things to remember when communicating with your payroll specialist: 

  1. Have all New Hire information ready before you call, fax or email: name, address, social security number and dependents.
  2. Send any changes you might have for payroll on payroll processing day. DO NOT send them throughout the week. This may cause errors in updating changes.
  3. Always have totals on your timesheet. Totals that do not tie out will alert your payroll specialist that something is keyed incorrectly.
  4. Remember that any payroll that comes in after 3:30 pm, will not go out until the next business day, unless you have made other arrangements with your payroll specialist.
  5. Keep in mind that if you offer direct deposit or you are on our tax pay service, payroll needs to be processed 2 days prior to check date. Also, don't forget to always have funds available 24 hours before check date. 
And here is a tip: If you need the latest W-4 or I-9 forms (a good thing to review with the new tax rates that went into effect for 2018), or even a direct deposit form, you can go to our website at and print a copy to give to your employee. Just click on Resources. Forms. Or, ask about our onboarding feature—available with our HR Module.